Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catching Up

So I am finally getting this flickr bloggin' thing down - I think. In an effort to still make it to bed tonight, yet feel good for accomplishing my task here we go. Not going to post all the pictures here, but click on one and you know it will bring you to more.

So far this summer we celebrated Memorial Day at Paul and Dawn's...
aunt dawn memorial day
Had a great vacation in Virginia...
the cousins
Joe started crawling...
joe finds the kitchen
Had a fun Fouth of July at Kristen and Mike's...
kristen and joe
Went to a Twin's game for work...
joe mauer
Joe discovered grocery bags...
destrying the grocery bag
Took many random pictures of Joe...
Made it to another Twin's game. This time with Kyle and Joe...
mom and joe in the dome
Joe attended his first playdate with the Cribsheet folks and made a new friend...
joe and munch

Can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring.

Monday, July 28, 2008

joe crawling

joe crawling
Originally uploaded by TuttleMan
Finally able to post a video of Joe's first day of crawling. Sorry it is a month late. I know you are all keeping track. :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who gets mono at age 11?

The Boy, that's who. What a great way to finish off the summer. I am definitely hoping he has a speedy recovery and isn't out of commision for a month or so. It took a few visits to finally get to the diagnosis, but where would we rather spend our time then at clinics full of sick people?
ryan mono 2
He started running a temp last Tuesday and complaining of a sore/full throat. He also fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon - not like him at all. Took him to the Target clinic (love Target - they do EVERYTHING but my laundry) and the strep test came back negative. Wednesday he stayed low and slept most of the day and startd having 'the smell'. Couldn't quite place what the smell was. He ended up puking (can I just tell you how much Kyle and I can't tolerate puke so we must have looked hysterical cleaning it up while trying to keep the contents of our stomachs contained) that evening and his temp spiked.

Brought him to our regular clinic on Thursday and saw some yahoo for 3 minutes after waiting for him for an hour. Said that it is probably a sinus infection, but couldn't guarantee it and to try these antibiotics. Normally I love the docs at our clinic, but this one we will not use again.

Friday morning came and he was still running a high temp and still had 'the smell' coming from him. Finally was able to place 'the smell'. I remember that smell from when I had mono. Nastiest thing. Anywho - called the clinic again. Must have sounded like the paranoid mom - 'you know, he hasn't been on the antibiotics for 24 hours yet'. I know, but my kid is still running a high temp and that is not like him. I think it is something else. 'All right, bring him in'. My poor mom, I gave her an hour to make sure both boys were ready to head out the door and to make the 35 minute drive. I think she was ready to kill me. Saw a different doc and she humored me and ran some blood work on The Boy. Low and behold, I was right, but I am not going to quit my day job. She also verified the sinus infection and noticed an ear infection. Why didn't Dr Yahoo notice that yesterday? White blood count was really high, but she said he didn't need to be hospitalized - thank God. And his spleen and liver were not swollen and in the right place. Told him to get lots of rest and lots of fluids. Do you know how hard it is to make a kid drink when their throat is so dang sore?

As of yesterday the temp stayed in the low 99's and this morning it was 98.5, so that is definitely helping him feel better. He rode his bike for a bit yesterday, but tired out pretty easily. The appetite is also coming back which of course will give him some more energy. I have a feeling he is going to want to do more sooner than he should.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where are some new pictures?

I know - I have not done as well as I had hoped. I will still get our vacation and crawling posts updated with some pictures soon, but here are a couple for you all to enjoy until then...

Soooo Big!

Joe and Grandma - not sure who is cuter!!!