Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There's a 6th Grader among us...

Wow, Ryan started 6th grade today!
First Day of 6th Grade
How did that happen? Where did the summer go? I took the day off today so Joe and I could hang out with him this morning and walk him to the bus.
Nice Hat
Joe waved as the bus drove away, it was so cute.
THE Shot
Verdict of the day from The Boy? 'Depressing'. Turns out that the STEM class he was allowed to partake in last year (an eighth grade science technology engineering and math class) is offered at a time of another class he can't miss. This is the one class he actually looks forward to and is where they design for the Future City Competition held in the winter. I am going to call school tomorrow to see what is up. And to top it off they are only allowed to go up for seconds at lunch. I know, where is the humanity? :-)

This weekend was very relaxing. Ry and I went to the State Fair on Thursday and the four of us went to the Mall of America on Friday. The rest of the weekend we actually just did nothing (well, in between the laundry, Target runs, the visit with Kyle's parents, and Kyle running the highest fever I have ever seen).
The Boys
Goodnight Moon

Joe update - nervous to even type it out lest I jinx it, but the kid is sleeping through the night in his own bed. How'd I do it? Started by laying on the floor of his room next to his crib as he fell asleep. I stuck my hand in his crib and he would curl up to it like a teddy bear and fall asleep. Granted, I also fell asleep, but I will take it any way I can get it! Some nights it works quickly, other nights he is rambling around in there for almost an hour. I think it also helps that his two top teeth are in now as well. Keep sending the happy sleep vibes though and thank you for the advice!