Friday, June 20, 2008

Guess Who's Crawling

Well, even though I am tired, I am not crawling, but Joe is!!! How awesome is that? Started moving along on Wednesday. He has had a busy couple of weeks of firsts - first plane ride, first vacation, first ear infection (day after we got back from vacation), first tooth (second day we got back from vacation and then #2 showed up the next day), and now the crawling. Still working on the sitting up, but that is getting better as well.
joe reflection
Friday the 13th was his 6 month check. He weighed in at 17# 9oz and 27" long. Averaged out at the 45th percentile. I know that doesn't mean much, but some people ask.

On the height note, Ryan has now passed up both his parents in that category. Swear he has grown 5 inches since last summer. He is getting ready to go on his first camp away. Leaves on Sunday and gets back on Friday. The camp is for safety patrol and it is 'up nort''
ryan getting ready for camp
Did I happen to mention how happy I am that it is Friday???

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back from vacation

We are back from vacation - can't believe how fast that week went and that we have been home for a week as well. I will post some pictures later. Brief synopsis:
Joe is an excellent flyer - loved watching all the people. He also slept very well on the plane.
Friday we arrived and had a great dinner with John, Rebecca, and family. Loved introducing Joe to everyone. Made it over to Rob and Suzi's in time to unpack a little and hit the rack after a long day of travelling.
Saturday was very relaxing as Joe actually took a good nap in the morning and then we headed back to Emerald to hang. Then back to Rollingside for a great dinner with all the family. That evening the chicks hung at Rollingside to watch a flick, while the men went to Emerald to grunt and scratch while watching 300.
Sunday, us chicks (and Joe) went for a fun filled day of shopping and talking. Shopping is the best therapy a girl can have. Found some summer pajamas for Joe - hopefully it will get warm soon so he can actually wear them.
Monday was the Marine Corps museum in Quantico. If you get the chance, I highly recommend a visit. Great history and an awesome building and grounds. Definitely could have spent all day there reading all the information, but travelling with a 6 month old is all world according to Joe. Which was fine. Kyle and I were able to have a lunch date of our own and good ol' Joe slept through the whole thing. Then back to Rollingside for some relaxation and another great meal - noticing a food theme??
Tuesday was VERY busy. Left early AM to go see Kyle's Aunt Claire and Uncle Paul up in Potomac, MD. Had a great lunch and a wonderful visit. Thank you! Joe was a big hit! We had to head out early afternoon as we needed to meet up with mom, dad, and Ryan for the Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima memorial. Unfortunately Joe's humor for car seat travel at that time was wearing thin, so he made his thoughts known all the way to DC. Nothing like being lost with a screaming infant in the back seat. Good times. Finally made it to the hotel for our rendezvous and then headed to the parade. Met up with the Emerald gang and some of the Rollingside gang and shuttled over to the parade location. Other than the driving rain storm, the silent drill team was AMAZING. Pictures don't do it justice. Afterwards, dropped the fam back off at the hotel and then headed back to Rollingside with the a fore mentioned screaming infant. Poor kid was NOT happy. Luckily we all survived that day and slept in a bit on Wednesday.
Wednesday was a day of infant screaming recovery. Note to self - 6 month old children need their naps. Anywho - started the day off doing some laundry and packing up to head over to the Emerald. While clothes were drying, went with chicks and children that weren't in school to downtown Fredericksburg for more food and shopping. What a quaint area. Reminded me of St Peter with the antique shops and the contemporary shops. Believe it or not, I bought nothing (lunch doesn't count) and the weather was beautiful. Headed back to Rollingside to finish up laundry, but my wonderful husband was already on top of that one. Thank you!! Hoped to transfer sleeping car seat Joe to sleeping pack and play Joe, but he had nothing to do with that, so another nap opportunity lost. While loading the car to head to Emerald he finally crashed out, so we drove around for about 40 minutes so he could sleep. What us parents won't do.... Made it to Emerald (which by the way is normally a 1 minute drive from Rollingside) in time for one of 2 tornado warnings. No damage at either location, but did experience a 6 hour black out. We had fun playing cards by candle light and just hanging out.
Thursday was our last full day there and mom, dad, and Ryan came down for the day. Lots of food, conversation, and cousin time. Only drawback was that John had to fly out to AZ for some training to help him get ready for Okinawa, so our visit with him was cut short. That evening we hung out and watched Juno. Great flick. Highly recommend. Of course I cried, but I am like that.
Friday we had to say good-bye to the Emerald bunch. Not sure when we will get to see them next as they will be 3 years in Okinawa. Hope they have an amazing time. Headed up to DC to catch our flight home. Jim Ramstad was on our plane and said that Joe is a beautiful baby - couldn't agree more. He gave Ryan and Joe these really neat astronaut pens that can write upside down, when wet, etc. Thank you! After sitting on the tarmac for an hour, had an uneventful flight back home. Joe slept for 2 hours of it. What a great kid. We were all happy to be home, but sad to be away from family again.

OK - not such a brief synopsis, but wanted to make sure I captured our trip.

Thank you so much to the Rollingside and Emerald bunches! We were thoroughly spoiled and loved every minute of it!