Sunday, May 17, 2009

long time no post

Well, it appears spring has finally sprung in the land of the New Market Tuttles - although we had to bring our plants into the garage last night, but I digress. The grass is green, the trees have leaves and the dandelions are in full bloom. Life keeps on moving along and the boys are keeping us on our toes. Here is a recap in pictures of what we have been up to...

I went up to St Cloud with some Fabulous friends and landed at the Red Carpet for a great night of Tim Mahoney music
the Red Carpet

There is fun outside in the evenings and weekends
playing in the driveway

A surprise birthday party for mom
SURPRISE!!!!kathy, dad  and mikewho's birthday is it?

Playing with legos
lego blockedlego star wars

Loving on each other
ummm... don't eat thataaaahhhhh

Joe took a liking to the computer - shocking I know
curlsI GOT IT!!!!

Kyle went out to VA and caught some pictures of 3 of our nieces

And our curly headed boy - who was being mistaken for a girl too often, got his very first hair cut!!!!
toys for distraction the first snipryan not so boredall done

So there is a recap for you all. Still waiting for good news on the job front to share and the house is still on the market. Hope this finds you all well!


ali said...

spring means new beginnings, right?! so let's hope it brings the ones you need!!

Nicole said...

Great photos! Love y'all!